About Acupuncture Care

Your acupuncture treatment is about so much more than just “needles.”  I begin your treatment with a comprehensive health intake. We then work together to create an integrative treatment plan that encompasses lifestyle, diet, exercise, herbal remedies and, of course, acupuncture.

While many scientists and doctors are researching the exact way acupuncture works, one thing is very clear – it DOES work! Acupuncture restores and maintains your health by redistributing energy flow. It is at this balanced state of health that fertility is optimal. 

It is best to come in after having eaten a light snack. Coming in on an empty stomach could contribute to feeling dizzy after your session. Likewise, coming in after a huge meal can contribute to feeling uncomfortable lying down on the treatment table. If possible, wear loose comfortable clothing.

I will do my best to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible throughout your session. You will have plenty of time to have all of your questions answered. 

Your session should not be painful. Some people describe a feeling of heaviness or vibration. You might feel pulling, pulsing or even slight twitching. These are all manifestations of your energy flowing. All dis-ease begins with a lack of energy flow, so the main goal is to get you un-stuck!

During your session, we will discuss the best food and exercise for your specific constitution, as well as home remedies and techniques so that you can continue your healing with self care.  I recommend giving yourself at least 3 months of weekly acupuncture treatments to really support and increase your fertility. I also recommend exploring my at-home support products so that you have as many tools as possible to improve your reproductive health. 


First visits last from 75-90 minutes. Follow-up visits are 55 minutes.


  • Initial Acupuncture Session $190
  • Follow Up Acupuncture Session: $125
    *Acupuncture Facial Rejuveanation & Dermapen Micro-Needling Therapy: $200
  • Guided Womb Journeying